On the arrival date, make plans for


On the departure date, make plans for



Getting a deep understanding of Japanese culture, tradition and history is the main goal of our trip

We're basically interested in local culture and history, but let's not forget about the souvenirs!

From mindless fun to the most sacred shrine, we're up for anything as long as it's worth it!

Cultural stuff and historical sites are interesting for a while, but let's prioritize leisure activities

Theme parks, shopping malls, great food, souvenirs and anything fun is our idea of a perfect trip!


Nature and rural environments are what we’re looking for. Let's leave the city as soon as we disembark!

Great cities are fine for a while, but we'd rather spend more time surrounded by nature

We're as comfortable in the middle of a forest as in the busiest museum in the city. Variety!

Large and busy cities are where we are most comfortable, but a few trips to the countryside are fine too

We're all about great cities and their urban life. Let’s focus on Japan’s great metropolises!


We’ve already been to Japan a few times and know well its main attractions. Surprise us!

Avoid tourist masses and take us to more authentic places, without forgetting the essentials though

Show us the best of Japan, be it the most popular tourist attraction or the most alternative hidden gem

We’re looking forward to visit Japan’s most celebrated sites, but we don’t mind discovering something different

If it’s famous it must be good, so take us to visit Japan’s widely top rated places!


We may have some mobility issues or limited energy, so take us to accessible places

We’d rather take a cab than cycle to our destination. Hey, we’re on holiday after all!

We don’t mind getting a bit tired if the goal is worth it, but let’s not overdo it!

We’re physically well prepared and love challenges, as long as there is room for resting too

Hiking, exploring and exercise in general is our thing, so give it to us when available!


Holidays are meant to rest. Looking forward to visit the country, but in the most relaxed way!

We’d rather have plenty of time in fewer places than get to visit more but quicker

Let's make the most of this trip, yet keeping in mind we’re on vacation

Show us the country in depth, but don't make us hurry around too much!

We want to visit as many places as we can, we'll rest when we get back home!