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One of the oldest hot springs in Japan


Dogo Onsen


Dogo Onsen is one of Japan's oldest onsen hot springs, with a history of over 3000 years, and one of the most famous, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. The main building, known as Dogo Onsen Honkan, is a traditional three story castle-like wooden structure built in 1894, which was designated as an important cultural asset in 1904. The Bath of the Gods which appears in the famojus anime movie "Sprited Away" was modeled after the Dogo Honkan.

Two types of baths are available at Dogo: the Kami no yu, or water of the gods, is located on the first floor and is the largest and most popular one, while the Tama no yu, or water of the spirits, is a smaller and more private bath located on the second floor. Private tatami rooms for changing, resting and enjoying tea and crackers after bathing can also be booked for an additional amount. Aside from enjoying the hot spring baths, visitors are invited to take a short tour through the other rooms in the building, which include an private bath reserved exclusively for the Imperial Family.

From the Dogo tram station, the onsen can be reached through an enjoyable 250m long shopping arcade, which is lined up with small souvenir shops and restaurants. During the late afternoon, when people usually take a bath, the arcade is packed up with locals dressed up in yukata on their way to or back from the Dogo onsen.


JR Matsuyama Station

Line 5
20 min. 150¥

Dogo Onsen Station


Dogo Onsen can be reached in a 5 minute walk from Dogo Onsen tram station, through a covered shopping arcade.