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A Shrine in a cave with spectacular views


Udo Shrine

Free 7:00 - 18:00

Udo Shrine is located about 40Km south of Miyazaki, on the Nichian coast. Its main structure is painted in a distinctive bright red and located inside a natural cave on a cliff facing the ocean, offering breathtaking views as its main attraction.

The Shrine features several red-painted gates set up along the coast and surrounded by nature, which lead the way down to the main hall. In front of the cliff there's a large rock with a hole on it and marked with a rope, into which visitors try to throw small rocks in order to gain good luck.

Udo Shrine is dedicated to Yamasachihiko, father of the legendary first emperor of Japan, and it is popularly visited by locals on new year's eve, in order to contemplate the sunrise over the ocean.


Miyazaki Station

Miyazaki Bus
80 min. 1440¥

Udo Jingu Iriguchi Station


From Udo Jingu Iriguchi bus stop there's a 15 minute walk to the shrine through the road and the new tunnel which crosses the mountain.
Alternatively, one can take the old steep path up the mountain which takes longer but offers a nice scenery.
A Sightseeing bus card which enables holders to travel unlimited times during a day is available at the bus office for tourists who present passport and plane ticket. Its price is only 1000 Yen.