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A pleasant walk along Nagasaki's best Temples


Teramachi dori

Teramachi-dori, or "Temple town street", is a long street which runs parallel to the river along Nagasaki's valley slopes and is limited at both ends by the two most famous Temples in the city: Sofuku-ji and Kofuku-ji. Strolling from one end to the other, visitors can enjoy visiting a varied number of smaller Temples located along the way.

Sofuku-ji Temple

300¥ 8:00 - 17:00

Sofuji-ji is a Buddhist Temple belonging to the Obaku Zen school, which was founded by Chinese residents in Nagasaki in 1629. Its constructions remain as a rare example of the architecture from the Ming Dynasty, since there are only a few surviving examples in China. Two of its structures, the main gate and the Buddha hall, are designed as National Treasures.

Kofukuji Temple

200¥ 8:00 - 17:00

Kofukuji was established in 1620 by a Chinese monk as the first temple of the Obaku Zen sect of Buddhism in Japan. During that era the Japanese government explicitly prohibited the practice of Christianity, so Chinese residents in Nagasaki built this temple in order to prove they were Buddhist and avoid any suspicions.

The Spectacles Bridge, Japan's oldest stone bridge which can be found near the Temple, was built by a Zen monk belonging to the second generation of Kofuku-ji.


Option 1

Nagasaki Station

Nagasaki Tram No.1
15 min. 120¥

Shokakuji-Shita Station

Option 2

Nagasaki Station

Nagasaki Tram No.3
10 min. 120¥

Kokaido-Mae Station


Sofukuji Temple can be reached within a short walk from Shokakuji-Shita Tram station. From Sofukuji, one can walk to the end of Teramachi-dori where Kofukuji is located. Alternatively, one can start the route from Kofukuji, walking from Kokaido-Mae tram station, and end it at Sofukuji. Walking from one end to the other of Teramachi-dori will take about 20 minutes.