Sea Hell in Beppu (1/4)
Shaven Monk's Head Hell in Beppu (2/4)
Mountain Hell in Beppu (3/4)
Foot Bath in Beppu (4/4)


A spot of unusual scenic beauty



400-2100¥ 8:00 - 17:00

The Jigoku are a series of natural geothermal hot spring sites of different characteristics, which form Beppu's most famous sight. Jigoku literally means "burning hell" since its colors, fumes and boiling waters remind of hell as it was portrayed by Dante. Due to the extreme temperatures, the hells are for contemplating rather than bathing.

There are eight different Jigoku in Beppu, each of which has an entrance fee of 400 Yen. A combination ticket for all the Jigoku can be purchased at any of them for a price of 2100 Yen.

Umi-Jigoku: the Sea Hell, which features a large 200 meter deep pond of boiling water with a characteristic cobalt-blue color which reminds of the sea.

Oniishibozu-Jigoku: the so called Shaven Monk's Head Hell receives this name because the large bubbles of hot gray mud which emerge from the ground, remind of the shaven head of a Buddhist monk.

Yama-Jigoku: the Mountain Hell takes its name from the mountain of mud formed through centuries over a setamy pond. This Jigoku includes also a mini-zoo with a few exotic animals.

Kamado-Jigoku: the Boiling Hell is a picturesque site centered in a giant statue of a red demon over a series of boiling ponds.

Oniyama-Jigoku: the Demon Mountain Hell is home of a great variety of crocodiles living beside the steamy ponds.

Shiraike-Jigoku: the White Pond Hell has a large pond in which the hot water that emerges from the ground has a rare creamy white color.

Chinoike-Jigoku: this hell is known as the Blood Pond Hell because of the intense red color of its boiling waters, given by the clay contained in the earth surrounding it.

Tatsumaki-Jigoku: the Geyser Hell, considered a natural monument of Beppu, is centered around its impressive geyser which violently spouts boiling water and steam into the air in intervals.


Beppu Station West Exit

Lines 2,7,5,9,41,43
320 min. 15~30¥

Umi Jigoku Mae


The fist 6 of the listed Jigoku are within a short walking distance from Umi Jigoku Mae bus station. The remaining 2 Jigokus are located at a distance of 2.5km from the bus stop and can be reached on a short ride on bus number 16 from Kannawa Onsen Stop.