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Viewing Tokyo from Japan's tallest building


Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting antenna opened in early in 2012 and located in the Sumida Ward, which features two impressive observation decks open to visitors. With a total height of 634 meters, it is Japan's tallest construction, the world's tallest antenna and the second tallest structure in the world, after Dibai's Burj Khalifa.

The tower was primarily conceived as a TV and Radio broadcasting antenna in order to replace the older Tokyo Tower, which is no longer effective due to the continued construction of taller buildings in its surroundings. Its two observation decks and the large shopping complex located at its base have, however, made Tokyo Skytree one of Tokyo's most visited tourist attractions since its opening.

Tembo Deck

2060¥ 8:00 - 22:00

The Tembo Deck is Tokyo Skytree's lower observation deck and spans three floors located at a height of 340, 345 and 350 meters. The topmost floor is the biggest of the deck, offering impressive panoramic views of Tokyo, interactive displays showing detailed information on the surroundings and a small cafeteria. The middle floor basically contains a souvenir shop and the Musashi Sky Restaurant, for which reservations must be made in advance. The bottom floor is the smallest of the deck and contains a small cafeteria and a glass floor, from which visitors can enjoy breathtaking vertical views.

The elevator leading to the Tembo Deck is located in Tokyo Skytree's 4th floor and goes directly to the topmost floor of the deck, in an incredibly fast and smooth ride. The elevators going down to the tower's base are located on the bottom floor of the deck.

Tembo Galleria

1030¥ 8:00 - 22:00

The Tembo Galleria is Tokyo Skytree's upper observation deck. Located at a height of 450 meters, it's the highest point of the tower which is open to the public and, unlike the Tembo Deck, it consists only observation deck itself. The Tembo Galleria is divided in two floors and features a spiral ramp which connects both floors by circling the tower, offering the most spectacular views of the Tower.

The Tembo Galleria is accessed from an elevator located on the top floor of the Tembo Deck and is subject to an additional fee of 1000 Yen. For this reason, it is usually less crowded than the Tembo Deck.

Tokyo Solamachi

Free 10:00 - 23:00

Tokyo Solamachi, literally meaning Tokyo Sky Town, is a large shopping, dining and entertainment complex, which is located on the base of Tokyo Skytree and formed by three interconnected sections of 5, 3 and 31 floors known as the East, Tower and West Yards. It features around 300 shops of different specialities, such as fashion, food and souvenirs, and over 75 cafeterias and restaurants, making it one of Tokyo's largest shopping and entertainment complexes.

Besides the wide array of boutiques and restaurants, Tokyo Solamachi also contains the Sumida Aquarium in the 5th floor of the West Yard, which features Japan's largest indoor water tank, the Tenku Planetarium in the East Yard's 7th floor and Japan's Postal Museum in the 9th floor.


Tokyo Skytree
Tobu Isesaki Line

Asakusa,Hanzomon Lines


Tokyo Skytree Town is located a few steps away from either Tokyo Skytree station on the Tobu Iseaki Line or Oshiage station on the Subway Hanzomon and Asakusa Lines.