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Historical beauty inmortalized in 10Yen coins


Byodo-in Temple

300¥ 8:30 - 17:30

The Byodo-in is a Buddhist temple located in the city of Uji, at the outskirts of Kyoto. It was originally built in 998 as a rural retreat villa for a powerful politician, but converted into a temple in 1052 following his death. Byodo-in is best known for its magnificent Phoenix Hall, also known as Amida Hall, which was constructed one year after the temple was founded in order to enshrine a statue of Amitabha Tathagata.

The Phoenix Hall is the only original building remaining in the temple nowadays, since the other structures which formed the temple were burnt during a civil war in 1336, and it's one of the few surviving wooden structures from the Heian Period. It consists of a central hall flanked by two wing corridors at both sides and a tail corridor, set on a large pond in which its image in beautifully reflected. The Phoenix Hall is portrayed in Japan's 10-yen coins and 10.000 yen bills to commemorate its longevity and cultural importance. In 1994 it was designed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Uji Bridge


Uji Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Japan, having been constructed in 646 by a Budhist priest. Its story is carved in Japan's oldest stone inscription and it is mentioned in several traditional stories, such as the Tale of Genji. Washed away by floods several times along history, the present bridge is a modern reconstruction dating from 1996.


JR Kyoto Station

JR Nara Line
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Uji Station


Byodo-in Temple can be reached in a 10 minute walk from Uji station. Uji bridge can be found on the way to the Temple.