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Remembering the first atomic bombing


Peace Memorial Park

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The Peace Memorial park was constructed as a commemorative facility for the victims caused by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6th 1945. The park covers an area of around 120.000m2 which was once the busy commercial and political center of the city, but was completely wiped away by the nuclear explosion. Four years after the bombing, the local government decided that the damaged area wouldn't be redeveloped to its original shape, but used instead as a memorial facility.

Nowadays the park houses a great number monuments, statues, halls and other structures in memory of the perished and in favor of world peace. Among these one can find the Peace Memorial Museum and the A-Bomb Dome, explained below, the Child's Peace Monument, dedicated to the children who died in the bombing, and the memorial Cenotaph, which houses the names of all the victims caused by the bombing.

Every year on the 6th of August, also known as the "A-Bomb day", a Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in this park by the government of Hiroshima, to remember the victims of the bombing and pray for world peace.

Peace Memorial Museum

50¥ 8:30 - 18:00

The Peace Memorial Museum was established in 1955 to document the events leading to the atomic bombing and its aftermath and nowadays is the most popular destination of Hiroshima.

The museum is divided in two buildings focused on different content. The East building, added in 1994, concentrates on the history of Hiroshima before and after the atomic bombing, as well as the events which lead to the catastrophe and the current status of nuclear threats. The West building, also known as the main building, is mainly dedicated to the damage and devastating consequences left by the bomb, displaying numerous pictures and belongings left by the victims which explicitly show the horror lived in Hiroshima.

A-Bomb Dome


The A-Bomb Dome, officially known as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, are the ruins of one of the only building that was left standing in the area after the atomic bomb was dropped and today serves as a memorial for the victims. It is located only a few meters away from where the bomb was detonated, 600m above the ground, and has been preserved in the exact shape as it was left immediately after the bombing.

The dome was was constructed in 1915 and received the name of Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Exhibition Hall. It was designed in an european style by a Czech architect and was used mainly to promote the sales of goods produced in Hiroshima, as it was located in the city's former business district. In 1996 the A-Bomb Dome was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a symbol for world peace.


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The peace memorial park area is located within a short walk from Genbaku Domu-mae tram station and can be easily explored on foot.