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The former center of Hiroshima's power


Hiroshima Castle

360¥ 9:00 - 18:00

Hiroshima Castle was originally established in 1589 by the powerful feudal lord Mori Terumoto at the delta of the Otagawa River, as it was a convenient location for access by land and sea. At that time Hiroshima didn't exist as a town and the area received the name of Gokamura, or five villages. When the construction of the castle began Gokamura was renamed Hiroshima and the town developed around it.

Hiroshima Castle survived through history at the orders of several lords and when the feudal system was abolished, the castle was used by the military as Imperial General Headquarters during the Sino Japanese war. On August 6th 1945 the castle was completely destroyed by the Atomic Bomb blast as most of the city, shortly after it was designated as National Treasure.

The present castle keep is a reconstruction made out of concrete and covered in wood dating from 1958, which houses a museum centered on the castle's history and offers panoramic views of the city. Parts of the castle's second line of defense, including the main gate and two watch towers, have been more recently restored, using original construction techniques and materials.


Hiroshima Station

Line 1,2, 6
15 min. 150¥

Kamiyacho Station


From Kamiyacho tram station, Hiroshima Castle can be reached on a 10 minute walk.