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An authentic trip back to the Edo period


Hagi Castle Town


The main attraction of Hagi is its old castle town. It was designed in a grid shape, where samurai and tradesmen's residence were laid in arrays. The town is so well preserved that one can still use a map from the Edo era and enjoy the traditional-style houses, warehouses, earth walls and gates. Some of the most famous samurai and merchant residences can be visited nowadays.

Hagi Castle Ruins

210¥ 8:00 - 18:00

Hagi Castle was constructed in 1604 by Terumoto Mori on the foot of Mount Shizuki and, therefore, it was also known as Shizuki Castle. All of its constructions were demolished by the government in 1874 and, nowadays, only the castle walls and some of the moats remain.

In 1897 a small Shrine named Shizukiyama Jinja was constructed were the main tower once stood and the premises of the castle were transformed into a public park known today as Shizuki park.

Tokoji Temple

300¥ 8:30 - 17:00

Tokoji Temple is the family Temple of the Mori Clan. It was constructed in 1691 in an architectural style influenced by China. In the cemetery behind the main building are buried several lords of the Mori family and features more than 500 stone lanterns which were donated by members of the Hagi clan, forming an impressive view.

Shoin Shrine

650¥ 9:00 - 17:00

Shoin Shrine is dedicated to the memory of Shoin Yoshida, a samurai born in 1830 considered to be one of the intellectual leaders that who conducted the modernization of Japan. In the same grounds of the Shrine stand the well-preserved remains of Yoshida's private academy, where he lectured and inspired many students who would become important politicians after the Meiji Restoration.


Option 1

Shin-Yamaguchi Station

JR Bus
90 min. 1970¥ Railpass

Higashi-Hagi Station

Option 2

Yamaguchi Station

JR Bus
80 min. 1680¥

Higashi-Hagi Station



The most convenient way to explore Hagi is by bicycle. Rental bicycles are available at Higashi-Hagi station for around 150Yen per hour or 1000Yen per day.

Alternatively one can use the Maaru Bus which stops at most of the tourist sights through two different routes. It operates from 7AM to 7PM in intervals of 30 minutes