Railway Park's entrance (1/5)
Railway Park's main hall (2/5)
Inside an old restaurant Shinkansen car (3/5)
Railway Park's model train diorama (4/5)
Railway Park's Shinkansen driving simulator (5/5)


Past, present and future of Japan's railway


SCMaglev and Railway Park

1000¥ 10:00 - 17:30

The SCMAGLEV and Railway Park is a comprehensive railway museum opened in 2011 and owned by the Central Japan Railway Companmy (JR Central), which is primarily centered on the birth and evolution of the Shinkansen (high speed bullet train) and the future magnetic levitating trains (maglev).

The main exhibition is set in a large and spacious hall which accommodates a collection of 39 full size retired trains, ranging from classic steam locomotives and cars to the latest bullet trains. The evolution of the Shinkansen is extensively represented with the impressive presence of all of the models ever created, most of which can be fully explored on the inside. Accompanying the trains are a set of displays explaining the operation and construction techniques of the engines, cars, track layouts and tunnels.

The second largest exhibition of the museum is dedicated to the next-generation Superconducting Maglev levitating train, which is already being constructed between Tokyo and Osaka. Aside from its history, detailed explanations on how it operates and a few working magnetic demonstrations, this section includes full a scale a simulator in which visitors can experience what it feels like to ride one of these trains.

The Railway Park also features regular and Shinkansen train driving simulators, which are equipped with large screens and full scale controls. Driving the simulators is subject to a lottery system entered upon entrance (not all visitors get to try them) and an additional fee of 100 (regular) or 500 (Shinaknsen) yen. Additionally the museum houses one of Japan's largest train dioaramas, with several model trains running simultaneously, changing illumination and detailed representations of Tokyo's, Nagoya's and Osaka's landmarks.


JR Nagoya Station

Aonami Line
25 min. 350¥

Kinjofuto Station


The SCMAGLEV and Rail Park is located a few steps away from Kinjofuto station.