Useful Information

The cultural shock when visiting Japan, especially if coming from a non-Asian country, can be quite perceptible at first. We've prepared a brief list of topics with practical information about Japanese currency, visa, health & safety and general traveller tips, in order to conveniently prepare your trip and smooth your arrival in Japan.


Japan is well known for its large and effective public transportation network, which provides fast and comfortable access to most of the country's points of interest. There are several special and discount tickets available, some of which are exclusive for foreign travellers, which should be considered for a more affordable experience.

Weather / When to travel

Taking into account the seasonal weather when planning a trip to Japan can exceptionally be useful, not only to avoid particularly rainy or humid weeks, but also to enjoy season specific features such as Cherry Blossom viewing or autumn red leaves colors. Every time of the year in Japan offers its own remarkable characteristics, discover the most interesting for your trip.


Japan offers a wider variety of accommodation for visitors, ranging from affordable guesthouses and youth hostels for backpackers to standard or high-class luxury hotels. Furthermore, other unique Japanese options such as Ryokans, Capsule Hotels and even Temple Lodging are available at certain areas. Check out all the available options in order to choose the most suitable one.